Sunday, July 15, 2012

Part of being an actress and a student is that I can't (won't) spend a fortune on my clothes. As much as I love anthropologie's easy, hippy styles, I don't like the 3-digit price tags.

$598? It has no reviews because no one can afford it.

From time to time, I peruse anthropologie's website in search of outfits that could be recreated at a fraction of the price. The other day, I came across this:

and I fell in love. From the easy shift, to the sun hat, to the lettuce, it just screams early August. So, I picked up some Twisted Cotton Twine from Lowes ($2.98 for 420 ft), some sale fabric from Hancock (around $11 for 1 3/4 yard), and I'm off! I'll post the materials and the progress tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have the full outfit done by the time the month is out!

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