Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bahia Dress

 A week from tomorrow, I'm going to be on a plane to the beautiful coastal city of Salvador, Bahia. I'm going with a theater company to study Brazil-African culture for two weeks! If you've never heard of Salvador before, go here and check out all amazing photos and videos. We're going to be singing, dancing, eating, celebrating, attending festivals, watching capoeira, meeting artists, and, of course, spending time on the beaches.

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited.

So, in anticipation for my trip, I made myself a dress! I call it the Bahia Dress. I fell in love with the fabric, especially after seeing all the pictures of the colorful city I'll be staying in. It's a bold print, with simple spaghetti straps and an elastic waist; summer-y, but not too casual, and it could be dressed up if I wanted! I made it about six different times, cutting up the same fabric and putting it back together until I was fully satisfied. 

I also found those shoes at Old Navy for $2.47, which was a total steal! I'm not really a "heels girl" but I couldn't pass them up for that price.

I'm debating how to finish the back of the dress. Originally, it was just a halter, but then I pinned the straps straight. Now I'm thinking I might cross them, for some added support. Who knows! This dress has been through nip-tuck enough times that another little fix wouldn't matter.

I just love how flow-y and comfortable it is! Perfect for Brazil weather, with a high of 82. And what a nice change from the 95 degree weather we've had all summer!

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